Take Your Company to the Next Level

Discover how Amazon, Apple, and Ikea Outperform Competitors

Pulling Profits Out of a Hat is a must read for any CEO, corporate executive, entrepreneur or business owner that is weary of small painful incremental growth in their company.

It demystifies business growth, provides an actionable guide to achieving greater company stability, sales predictability, employee stability, consistent company performance, and emotional connections.

This book is an easy and fast read for busy executives, and gives you advice you can use in your business immediately.

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What Pulling Profits Out of a Hat Can Do For You

Kickstart growth in all areas of your organization

Company’s like Apple, Amazon, and IKEA make growth look like magic.

That is because it is easier to believe business success is the result of luck or mysterious forces rather than careful, consistent, and disciplined behaviors.

What truly sets great companies apart is their ability to instill and master the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth.

In this book you will discover how the 5 Disciplines: Strategy, Business Development, People, Execution, and Mission work together to take your company to the next level and well beyond.

Company Growth is a simple matter of discipline

Discipline is nothing more than focused improvement that leads to good habits. Good habits lead to great businesses.

Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt’s book Pulling Profits Out of a Hat shows you how to implement these 5 Disciplines in your organization.

“Brad and Monte believe in forward-thinking over scarcity – and have found a way using the 5 Disciplines to build a business culture that ensures that everyone in the business thinks in terms of growth rather than loss.” - Legendary leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith

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About the Bonus - The 5 Disciplines Online Training Course - a $99 Value

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The online training course quick start guide to implementing the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth in your company.

The course features 24 short but powerful videos that distill and expand upon the lessons taught in Pulling Profits Out of a Hat. They will trigger critical discussions that begin moving your company forward in all 5 Disciplines.

By Taking 5 Disciplines Online Training Course you will:

  • Discover how each discipline works together to create change, and drive growth.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of each discipline and how to get started making these disciplines a part of your company.
  • Learn how to start critical conversations about each discipline and how your organization can begin to improve on them
  • Discover how to make these changes stick and become permanent in your organization

The 5 Disciplines Training Course - What You Get

Each video comes with a companion worksheet that you can download, print, share and use to spark discussions with your team.

The 5 Disciplines Online Training Course will give you the jump start your organization needs.

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