The 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth Quiz

Answer 15 questions and get started growing your company by multiples

How disciplined is your company? Answer these 15 simple questions to determine which of the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth you must begin fostering to take your company to the next level.

We spend more time being proactive towards our goals rather than reactive.

Our team thinks big picture and with a mindset of abundance.

We are selling what people want to buy and are very marketable to our target audience.

We have an environment of energy and excitement for the future.

The business direction for the future is clear and motivating to every team member.

Our purpose is an emotional connector for our employees and has a clear impact on the world.

We consistently provide training and development for all team members who interact with our customers.

We are creative and fun in attracting and servicing our customers.

Our business has future predictability because of our consistency in business development.

We have a training curriculum that creates great team members at all levels of the organization. (hard and soft skills).

Empowerment and involvement throughout the company are strong and higher than expectations.

We have a clear process to identify, retain, and/or develop future high potential leaders.

All the company’s major processes are written down, trained on, followed and updated periodically for continued improvement.

We have well-executed communication habits throughout the entire organization.

We are productive vs. active (busy).

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