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Artificial intelligence is the ‘electricity’ of the 21st century, and it is about to change everything. In 15 years up to 40% of jobs could be replaced by AI. Is your job next?

Take this short three-minute quiz and discover if your job might be at risk. You will also learn your unique human superpowers, those power that no computer can ever replicate.

Just answer each question honestly and you will get your results instantly.

Would you say your job is more

Does your job involve a lot of repetitive tasks?

Is communication and persuasion one of the most important parts of your job?

Do you spend more than 30% of your work time with people outside your company (e.g., customers, potential customers, partners)?

In your job, do you need to regularly learn and understand a lot of complex information?

Do you lead or manage people in your job?

Are most decisions in your job made quickly or easily?

Do you regularly come up with insights that are important to your company?

Do you participate in key decisions that cross functions for your company?

Is your job usually performed in the same place? (e.g., a taxi driver would always work in the same taxi)

Do you interactive with people a lot for your job?

Is a key part of your job performance measured by how well you interact with people?

Have you seen machines or robot demos that could do most of your job?

Does your job result in happiness, safety, or health of your customers? (If you don’t service anyone directly, answer NO)

Do you lead or manage people in your job?

Does your job involve a lot of repetitions of the same task(s)?

Does it require at least a year of training to be qualified for your job?

Which is more interesting to you?

In an important discussion, do you first:

Do you prefer you time to be:

In solving a problem, do you consider:

Is it more important to be known as:

When beginning a project, do you:

To improve something do you prefer to:

In working with someone new, do you notice first:

Do you base your day-by-day approach more on:

Which annoys you more?

Which is harder to tolerate?

Which distresses you more?

Are you more interested in:

Which appeals to you more?

Do you better work:

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