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Turn Your Job into a Source of Inspiration Rather Than a Source of Stress

Discover Your Work Superpowers

Even though you spend one-third of your waking hours at work, you know that you are more than your job. But it sure doesn't feel that way most of the time.

There is a solution, though! Get clear on your intentions for your life. Then, establish your priorities to get you there.

Start this process by taking an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses at work. This quiz takes less than three minutes and it will tell you your unique work superpowers.

This will help you focus your unique work superpowers on achieving your goals, rather than just bringing home another paycheck. It will help you say, “No” more often so that you can spend more time fulfilling your purpose in life, and at work.

Just answer these 23 easy questions honestly! You'll get your results immediately.