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Answer these 20 questions honestly and openly, don't overthink them. If both choices seem true for you, select the answers that is true most often, or the one that you would rather be true. When you are finished you will get your results immediately. Have fun!

Which appeals to you more?

In reading for pleasure do you

Overall when working on a big project do you tend to

Do you usually get along better with

Do you prefer to

Would you rather be considered

Are you inclined to

In your daily work do you

Do you more often

Which is a higher compliment to be called

In an important discussion, do you first

Is it a higher compliment to be called

The bigger priority in life right now is

If you were a teacher would you rather teach

Do you prefer to do many things

At a party are you usually

Does following a schedule

I want ...

Which word appeals to you more

Are you more attracted to

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